A great job entails more than just great pay. Great companies will not only pay well and provide a great working environment for their employees. Rather, they will invest in the career growth and development of their workers.

Therefore, if you are looking for a job, you should be well aware of companies that will help you grow professionally. Here are some of the companies that will help with your career growth with their excellent training and development programs, that is, if you are lucky to get a job with them.


Amazon is a world’s leading e-commerce company that hires employees from all over the world. Working with Amazon proves to be very rewarding for the employees there, that is, speaking in terms of career development. First, after every recruitment, selected employees are subjected to an intensive training that takes a period of one month. In addition, they have invested in a virtual contact center, where employees are trained on telecommuting. Notably, they also invest in the training of employees partaking courses that are on high demand. They make a point of paying 95% of the tuition fee, beforehand.

General Assembly

General Assembly is one of the best companies to work for if you are looking for career growth. Being one of the leading companies in education of on-demand courses, the company has first invested in ensuring that the same excellence get to their employees first.

Employees of this company are given an opportunity at free part-time courses. They help build the confidence and skill-set of their employees by allowing them to take up the roles of both teacher and student in class.


Bonobos, a leading e-commerce company that designs and sells men’s wear, is also a pioneer in employee career development. They offer a number of development programs that help to grow their employees professionally. They have four major development programs. Know Your Customer program is designed to help Bonobos employees understand their customers better.

There is also the How to Manage up Well, which aims at training employees at lower levels on how to relate with those on senior levels. Fit for Success and Manage for Success trains their employees on management skills and performance management skills, respectively.

Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics believes that their development programs is both an investment for the future of their employees and the company. In this spirit, the company offers opportunities where their employees can attends seminars and conferences related to their job portfolios. Additionally, they encourage their employees to further their education. This is by offering reimbursing them on their tuition fees. Therefore, motivating employees to go back to school or take courses.


TripleLift is a New York- based company that specializes in the development of ads. This company makes up for one of the leading companies in employee training and development. They do have a forum where employees interact, exchange ideas and share their on-going projects.

Instead of outsourcing career developers, the company allows internal teaching and learning, which all happens between their employees. With this platform, employees are able to gain new skills and ideas. Also, the forum helps boost confidence, a quality that most employers will be looking for in employees.